Extra Bonus

When you’re outdoors, you can suffer from mosquito bites, bruises, sprains, muscle pain, and more. The following treasures are must-haves items to bring when you venture outdoors:

<Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment>: Soothe itching of minor skin irritation resulting from insect and mosquito bites as well as relief travel and motion sickness

<Hoe Hin Strain Relief> : Dispel wind, remove obstruction of the meridians and collaterals, analgesic and eases swelling. Temporarily relieve minor ache and pain associated with sprain and strain of joint and muscle.

NOW, you can get 3 times points when you purchase <Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment> or <Hoe Hin Strain Relief> in our official webstore.  In addition, you can get extra bonus goods as detailed below:

  • Purchase <Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment 23g> or <Hoe Hin Strain Relief 50ml>:

Get a pc of 2.5ml Fuzai 239, a pc of 3ml Hoe Hin Strain Relief and a Hanger

  • Purchase <Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment 10g>:

Get a pc of 2.5ml Fuzai 239 and a Hanger

Reward Period: Now until 31 August 2022.