8th Aug Father’s day, 12% off

8th Aug Father’s day derived from the memory of a group of fathers who sacrificed to protect their homes on the battlefield.  And the homonym of 88 in Mandarin is similar to that of Dad, so it has a special meaning.

As a token of appreciation, during the three consecutive days from 7 August 2022 to 9 August 2022.  You can enjoy a 12% off on any product purchased in our official online store of Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Mfy Ltd.  Also, you can enjoy 50% off the second of the same specified product in our official online store.  Free gifts are also included in some product purchases. 

At the same time until 31 August 2022, all proceeds from the purchase of any product on our official online shop will be fully donated to the “Banyan Service Association” to give back to the Hong Kong society and help more communities in need.  The targeted amount for this Charity campaign is HK$100,000.

Please see our website for more details : https://www.whiteflower.com/en/shop/