Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation (HK & Macau) |whiteflower embrocation, medicated oil, Pak Fah Yeow, Fuzai 239, Whiteflower Made in HK


- Provide relief from the stuffed-up feeling associated with catarrah, cold or influenza

- Relieve dizziness and headache

- Temporarily relieve muscular pain

- Good for travel and motion sickness

- Antiseptic

- Stop itching resulted from insect and mosquito bite

- Refreshing

Hoe Hin White Flower Embrocation, commonly known as Pak Fah Yeow, is a blend of several essential oils including eucalyptus oil and lavender oil, methyl salicylate and menthol. Most ingredients containing natural elements are imported from France, China and Australia, and purchased in compliance with the specifications set forth in British Pharmacopoeia or Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
Methyl Salicylate
Eucalyptus Oil
Lavender Oil
Racemic Camphor